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Well-Being Canada


Well-Being Canada

Empowering every Canadian to support their own well-being
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Now,more than ever,there is a critical need for well-being resources and mental health interventions. With rising stress levels,anxiety,depression and other mental health issues,individuals of all ages,especially youth,are grappling with the consequences.

Canada is facing a mental health crisis

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1 in 4

people by the age of 25 will have experienced a mental health issue.


of youth 6-18 experience a deterioration in at least one mental health domain - such as depression, anxiety, irritability, attention, hyperactivity, obsessions or compulsions.


of mental health problems onset during childhood or adolescence.

Mental health issues

Prince George Ford in the Community

Spirit of the North/Courtyard Nechako Youth Detox

Prince George Ford donated $15,000 to the Spirt of the North Courtyard Nechako Youth Detox. We were able to our these facilities and learn the great work this program does to help the Youth of Prince George and Northern Communities detox. They are given a clean, safe place to work through their recovery and are given tools to assist when they leave the facility.

We so appreciate the work being done in this program and hope we can continue to support this program. Thank you so much to the staff of Courtyard Nechako Youth Detox.

Association Advocating For Women And Community

Prince George Ford was happy to donate $10,000 to @awacshelter Association Advocating for Women and Community. Olive’s Branch is a 1-3 sober living transitional housing program for people on the road to sobriety. Their Mission is “To provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to continue through their unique journeys of healing and recovery in order to achieve a life of sobriety and wellness and to reintegrate into society.” We hope these funds will help in that mission.

Prince George Sexual Assault Centre

We are so happy to donate $20,000 to the Prince George Sexual Assault Centre. They offer counceling and supportive services to families, groups and individuals in a safe and supportive environment. Other services they offer are Counselling for women, men, teens and children, Specialization in the traumatic effects of sexual violence, Third Party Reporting, Educational groups and workshops, Information and referrals and Training and presentations. We are so thankful to the employees of the Prince George Sexual Assault Centre for their work in our community. To learn more about PGSA call (250) 564-8302 or visit their website:

Carrier Sekani Youth Services

Prince George Ford has donated $15,000 to the Carrier Sekani Youth Services. This organization directly supports the Youth most in need in our community. Giving them a safe place to sleep, eat, socialize, wash and connect with people their own age and in a similar situation.

It was eye opening seeing the incredible care the people who work for this organization give these young people and how it really makes a difference in their life. For more information on how you can support this organization you can email Amy Merritt - or visit their website


A focus on promotion and prevention

Starting with Canada’s youth,Well-being Canada is helping to build a healthier future generation. Our K-12 program empowers students with the essential skills and tools they need to build resilience,foster self-care habits and translate knowledge into impactful action. As we incorporate social-emotional learning and mental health literacy into the core curriculum nationwide,we break down stigma and equip our youth with formidable competencies,championing their lifelong well-being.

And watch for new resources for the family and workplace in 2024!

A focus on promotion and prevention