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Winter Tires

Winter is Coming

As it gets colder you've probably already done a check of your vehicle to make sure it is ready for the winter months. This is excellent, though one question remains for many people: should you get winter tires? In Canada the winters can be frigid and icy, so it is generally a good idea to invest in some winter tires. The extra traction could save you from an accident, and they're actually more cost effective than you may think. Get your winter tires today at PG Motors in Prince George, BC.

How Winter Tires Work

Winter tires need a lot more traction than other tires so that they can grip the road through ice and during cold temperatures. To accommodate for these facts, winter tires are made with a softer compound that contains more rubber than other tires. This makes them more flexible and able to provide much more traction when it is cold outside over all-season tires. Some winter tires can be studded for driving on wet ice or hard-packed snow. The tread is also designed differently, offering more traction by pushing away slush and snow to keep you on the pavement.

Winter vs. All-Season Tires

All-season tires do not stay flexible in cold temperatures nearly as well as tires designed for winter do. Once the temperature drops below about 7C all-season tires lose their flexibility, affecting their traction and durability. Because winter tires have rubber compounds meant to stay soft and pliable in the cold, you can have good traction on the ice and snow all winter long. Since they're designed to better handle the winter temperatures the benefits are doubled; better control provides a safer drive while the tires themselves last longer and need to be replaced less often.

The Importance of Getting Winter Tires

The main reason to get winter tires is very simple: it is safer. BC winters can be cold and icy, which can lead to unpredictable and dangerous road conditions. Winter tires will help ensure that you get to all your destinations safely without sliding out of control on the roads. Switching between winter tires and summer tires is also a more cost effective route in the long run, because they will not wear out as quickly as all-season tires. The upfront cost is worth the long term returns, while peace of mind during winter drives can be priceless.

Get Your Winter Tires at PG Motors in Prince George, BC

As the winter weather gets closer, the chances of the road conditions deteriorating increases. It is a good idea to get some winter tires on your vehicle today in order to stay safe on the roads should some winter weather show up early. Come down to PG Motors today and we will be happy to help outfit your vehicle with some winter tires today. We are located at 1331 Central St. W, Prince George, BC V2M 3E2 or call our expert Service Staff at (778) 734-1366 to set up an appointment.